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Helping women restore their confidence, and faith in life and themselves after trauma. Helping women find confidence and love for their bodies after illness or trauma which has led to scaring or trauma.


Our Services are FREE of charge through our registered charity. We open our doors to anybody who needs help, but especially women who have either recovered or have cancer.


How it all started

Judith’s Trust was created and started by Ffion Haf Hughes after her mother, Judith lost her battle with cancer after 3rd time round. But it wasn’t without a heck of a fight. She always made others laugh and feel good about themselves on the cancer wards. Always reassured and helped the other terminal patients, dipping into her cluttered makeup bag to share her precious rose lipstick, impulse perfume, and nail varnish. This is why Ffion and Judith’s Trust wanted to continue her work, helping and reassuring others learning how to love themselves through and after their illness.

Her name will be a go-to for comfort, supporting cancer patients, survivors, and families to rebuild their bodies and lives once again.


by Ffion Haf Hughes

Behind the scenes, my board of directors, trustees, and I, worked hard to write policies and enough paperwork to fill a library to prove it is a worthy and trustworthy cause. On 18th August 2023, we finally got our acceptance from the charity commission, and The Judiths Trust was approved as a recognised charity.


Judith’s Trust

We hope moving forward, we can start offering free treatments to all cancer survivors and patience. As for now, it’s predominantly offering scar reconstruction and 3D Areola reconstruction, however, in the short future, we will offer so much more.



We will support everyone to heal, communicate, and grow confidently during their time with Judith’s Trust. Here are the treatments we will offer:

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  • Paramedical micro pigmentation/areola reconstruction for mastectomy patients.
  • Scar reconfiguration post-surgery to help disguise the scar post-trauma.
  • Skin camouflage for scars and effects of radiotherapy burns and chemotherapy
  • Hair simulation and stimulation for hair loss post-treatment.
  • Laser and skin rejuvenation to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin post radiotherapy burns and premature aging.
  • Oncology massage and Bowen therapy to aid scar tissue formation and restricted movement post-surgery.
  • Consultation with breast and maxifacial surgeons post NHS reconstruction (and if unhappy with the result)


We participate in different Events around the UK to be visible and share information about who we are and how we can help. If you would like to create an event for a charity, here are some ideas.

Non Profit

Our charity is strictly a non-profit charity and any donations gifted solely go towards cancer patients and survivors for procedures towards Scars Reconstruction and Nipple Areola Tattooing. If you want to support us and our work, here are some ideas to set up an event:

Organise a Boot sale

If you have a suitable area or somewhere you can use, a Car Boot sale is always popular. The seller pays a fee to the charity organiser.

Participate in a charity race

Participating in either a marathon or a race, can create a big impact. We have all been touched by the impact of cancer in some way,

Pub Quiz

Have a fun evening creating a Pub Quiz in your community to support our charity. The entry fee goes to the charity of your choice.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to help others

“We are the only registered charity offering FREE areolas to all patients across the UK and Europe.”

-Judith’s Trust

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23 NOVEMBER – 2023

The Mulberry, Conwy

WISH North Wales Christmas Event 2023

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12 JANUARY – 2024

The Little Wren, Caernarfon

An open informative evening with surgeons and clients of breast care.

The Little Wren

24 MARCH – 2024

Waters Wilmslow Running Festival

Support Ffion running for Judith’s Trust!

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24 MARCH – 2024

Colwyn Bay Metric Half Marathon

Catrin Jones is running for Judith’s Trust to support our cause.

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OUR team

Our professional team of specialists here at Judtih’s Trust:

Ffion Hughes

The Little Wren

As I followed my mom’s battle with cancer, I decided to further educate my talent from Fine Art and Tattooing, moving towards Micropigmentation and Paramedical tattooing and further into Advanced skin Aesthetics and complications. Helping women find their confidence after trauma connected with cancer treatments is a calling close to my heart.

Nia Wyn Harris

Cyngor Gwynedd

It is a true honour to work with Ffion as part of this remarkable charity. I have known Ffion all my adult life and have witnessed her passion and commitment to improving people’s lives both professionally and personally. Her skills and expertise along with her compassionate nature are the perfect ingredients to working within the industry as a leading practitioner. I look forward to seeing what the future brings to Judith’s Trust and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

Paula Hanks-Jones

Senior Project Surveyor AECOM

Working for WISH North Wales, it became natural for me to want to become a part of Judith’s Trust Team. As we are a movement working towards positive changes for women, this was close to my heart. Being able to work with Ffion Hughes and within Judith’s Trust, I am confident that we are able to give women the tools to embrace their power and build their confidence.


If you would like to contribute to or help our charity or if you would like some more information, please send us a message and we will contact you as quickly as we can.


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